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Non Surgical Treatment Options For Nasal Polyps

A lot of people are interested in knowing if there is a non surgical treatment for nasal polyps. Of course there are many conventional and alternative medicines that are effective for treating this problem.

However for severe cases of nasal polyps surgery is the only effective solution that most people mention. Probably severe cases of polyps forces people to take quick action and most doctors would use the surgical method to remove the polyps.

A quick look at some of the forums will reveal that there are several alternative medicines that are highly effective in treating nasal polyps.  For example the homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonate has been effective for many people.

In fact based on different nasal polyps symptoms there are several other homeopathic medicines that are effective for this condition. Some others can be found at nasalpolypstreatmentmiracles.com

Knowing the exact symptoms will be important if you want the homeopathic medicine to work properly for you.

Homeopathy medicine is not all that expensive and you will not have to go through all the pain and suffering associated with surgery.

People who undergo surgery will normally face a lot of problems for the first few days with sleepless nights. Subsequently things will be much easy. However it is possible that post surgery the nostril will be gauze taped for about ten days.

Same is the case with steroids. They definitely help you shrink the polyps however they do not provide long term relief. When you stop the steroid treat the problem may come back. And since steroids cause side effects you will not be able to take it for ever.

In fact doctors recommend steroids even after surgery in order to prevent the polyps from coming back.

The best way to get permanent relief is to identify the real causes of the problem and work towards correcting the causes.

This may involve studying the symptoms closely and identifying the factors that trigger the problem. This could air quality, allergens, pollutants, dry air, foods, cosmetics, perfumes and many other things.

If you find out that a particular food is triggering the problem then you need to avoid eating the food item. In case it is your staple food item then you will have to eat a limited quantity so that it does not trigger nasal polyps.

You may even have to take a look at your surroundings and see if there are industries or factories that are polluting the environment and those pollutants are triggering allergic reaction and nasal polyps.

If the cause is pollution from a nearby industry then you may have to relocate to a place that does not have pollutants. Of course it is going to be inconvenient to do this change. But if your health is important them you will have to take the harsh step.

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